When your idea turns into your common look

Together you work as one and together you want to show this. Only clothes that fully reflect this commitment will fit. Due to the sublimation printing, where the color is evaporated into the single fiber, every inch of our shirts can be your canvas. 

8OPENINGS makes it easy.

1. Choose your design package


IYou see the design in front of your own eyes and you prefer to create everything yourself? Then you choose the Solo-Drill. Here you have the design and implementation completely in your own hand.


TheIdea is there. But the effort of the design leaves you more hesitant? Then you need a sparring partner who will take over the concept and the design completely for you.

2. Choose your product



Muscle compression due to tight fit.

Rubber band on the waistband prevents high slides

Prices Rashguard

11 units (minimum amount)

Solo-Drill: 55 €

Sparring-Partner: 65 €


Solo-Drill: 50 €

Sparring-Partner: 60 €

20 and more

Solo-Drill: 45 €

Sparring-Partner: 55 €

Technical Shirt


Loose seat due to the further t-shirt-like fit.

Thinner material, making it much lighter.

Prices Technical Shirt

11 units (minimum amount)

Solo-Drill: 45 €

Sparring-Partner: 55 €


Solo-Drill: 40 €

Sparring-Partner: 50 €

20 and more

Solo-Drill: 35 €

Sparring-Partner: 45 €

3. Get your offer