The path to club design

Contact and design sketch

Get in touch with us using our design questionnaire at the end of this page. The questionnaire supports you in creating an initial sketch and collecting ideas.

Video call

We will then arrange an online call. Depending on how extensively you have filled out your design questionnaire, we can present you with the first drafts.


Once the design is finalized, we create a test print.

If it is as you imagined it, production will start in Italy. We will then send the order directly to you.

Do you want to get started? Let's go!

Our design packages

Sparring partners / design by 8OPENINGS

The idea is there. But the effort involved in the design makes you hesitate? Then you need a sparring partner who can completely take over the conception and design for you.

Your idea - our concept

We exchange ideas intensively about your ideas and then create a concept for you, which we discuss and adapt together with you.

Our concept becomes 3D

Based on the concept, we transform our shared idea into a fully developed design and present it to you in a 3D mockup.

Production, delivery, dressing

The design is ready, then we transfer it for all sizes and prepare everything for printing. 4-6 weeks later you will have your design in your hands.

Solo drill / design by you

Do you see the design before your own eyes and prefer to create everything yourself? Then you choose the solo drill. Here you have the design and implementation completely in your own hands.

Your idea, your concept - you are the creative ones

You will receive the patterns as an illustrator file; your canvas for your creativity. With a few tips from us, you can then create your own club design.

Your design will be 3D

Your design is ready, then you send us your pattern and we will turn it into a 3D mockup, which will show you your design almost in place.

Production, delivery, dressing

Once the design is final, we transfer it to all sizes, including the finishing touches, and get it ready for production. After 4-6 weeks it’s time to get dressed!

Our price scales

FAQ Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum order quantity?

Minimum amount is 11 pieces - it doesn't matter whether it's a long/short men's/women's cut.

How long does it take from the design request to the changing room?

On average, you can expect the design process including feedback loops and production to take around 3 months.


Are possible from just 1 piece. But please note the delivery times.

Subsequent design adjustments

We will incorporate minor changes into your design free of charge.

What are the sizes?

Find the perfect size on our size page! With our Italian sizes, we recommend that you take one size larger if in doubt.

More products in your design?

Transferring to another product possible. Please contact us for this.